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Ohh, I like this. @ianmccourt I guess you do too? 

Can you believe it? Beautiful ad campaign for Air France (via airows)

Can you believe it? Beautiful ad campaign for Air France (via airows)

Very innovative print at in Columbia from Sancho BBDO. Advertising with a 3D effect to sell kitchens from the furniture brand Corona. #loveit

Great drone footage from last years pipeline comp. #drone #niceangle #future 

The poster that plays music on your iPhone. #feeltheflavour

Grey London has unveiled the latest execution of its Sound of Taste campaign for herb and spice brand Schwartz

Fuck the poor! Condolescence doesn’t always mean help. Great job @PublicisLondon #Helpthepoor

This is a random one: Stumbled across the showreel of Konstellation and really like it. 

NICE! Google+ and Man United brought together fans from around the world with The Front Row Story.  #OldTraffordlive #Google+ #Manunited #greatwork

When a super hero wants to be part of your ad campaign… - you did something right then. The Evian baby saga continues with a Spider-man baby. #loveit #Evian #Spider-man2 

The print ads are great executed as well.

The digital newspaper holder by JvM shows the value of real-time news service while reading the actual paper. The surprise factor as an effect in itself. No wonder that the digital newspaper holder and Jung von Matt picked up at Eurpbest and D&AD already abnd no doubt it will do well at Cannes.

Jung Von Matt have already had great success with LEDs with the invisible car stunt for Mercedes.

How to turn a hate into love? Honey Maid and Droga5 turned the heated debate into an art project. #nicetwist

One throne - Five social kingdoms! Great idea to promote something quite geeky. #Lovetheinstragramkingdom #hootsuite #gameofthrones

How do you talk to a digital audience about something quite technical and geeky? Hootsuite have pulled off a very good example of how to be timely and relevant by appropriating the opening sequence of Game of Thrones to promote their social enterprise solution.

#Neglectionofblog #naughty #Iamback 

#Neglectionofblog #naughty #Iamback 

Before & After: Kiev’s Independence Square - Ukraine #insane #Kiev

Before & After: Kiev’s Independence Square - Ukraine #insane #Kiev