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This is a very nice little docu on bands and their approach to making what they love. #JackDaniels #BrandPlusBand

Cute little ‘When you’re smiling’ installation for Dove.  Their smile would only be captured and printed only if it’s big enough. #Dove  

Users were prompted ‘When did you last smile to yourself in the mirror?’ to trigger the engagement before reminding each person that beauty is the reflection of yourself in the mirror. 

A dating website, but for cars. Not exactly new but executed very well. #Volkswagen

The Gif moment. Love this street art project created by Guus ter Beek and Tayfun Sarier. They have taken Gifs into the real world. 

I didn’t like the Playboy VIP ads but the new Lynx/Axe ads are a little bit funny. Just a little though. #DDBParis


The unfortunate clementine: from bastards to beauties. Great idea and yes every supermarket should do it. 

If we all reacted to contact in our everyday situations like football players…

Awakening in New Zealand. Amazing footage. Very inspiring. #NewZealand #TimestormFilms

The World Cup might be won but the quizzes keep on coming. #SpotTheBall

The World Cup might be won but the quizzes keep on coming. #SpotTheBall

What’s on your mind? FB life vs real life.

This #WWF Snapchat campaign hits the cord! The #LastSelfie campaign used SnapChat to show endangered species of wild life vanish from users screens with the 10 second countdown that SnapChat is famous for.

The Google Self-Driving Car Project opens up soo many opportunities. #TheFirstStepIsDone #Google #KeepGoing

This is such a thoughtful idea. Beautiful and moving piece of work for the homeless in Spain, turning their handwriting typically only used to write on cardboard for donations, into new fonts that can be bought online by brands and agencies around the world.

Love OK GO’s video of ‘The writing’s on the wall’. They are as much branded viral content as they are great music videos.