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Love OK GO’s video of ‘The writing’s on the wall’. They are as much branded viral content as they are great music videos.


No wonder it picked up the 2014 Cannes Lions Innovation Grand Prix. This is seriously cool! #KineticFacadeShowsGiant3DSelfies


#Cannes future lions winners. #GreatIdea #IBM

McDonald’s World Cup Ad - Apparently people are lovin’ it. Do you?

#CarsThatFeel Nice idea from Toyota and Soap Creative to give cars some soul. Interesting to see mapping technology applied from the inside, rather onto an object. 

Vivid Sydney is a unique annual event of light, music and ideas.  Toyota and Soap Creative brought an interesting twist to the festival with an interactive installation that explores the relationship people can have with cars.

OBI pushes ads for DIY stores beyond showing paint, saws or hammers by advertising more beautiful homes. #CannesWinner #GermanAdvertising

They think it’s just a meeting but it is their own funeral. This is an extreme method to stop scorcher. #BelgianTransportInstitute

Interesting way to hammer home the texting/driving issue during a movie theatre ad. #Eyesontheroad

Second World War in Google Street view via guardian #WW2 #ImpressiveCombination

Tech-Foodies, let’s jump on a plane to the Hard Rock Cafe in Ibiza and you’ll be able to encounter the ultimate luxury dining experience. The whole digital experience is tailored dynamically to each individuals reactions in real-time, and set to enhance that experience by taking the food to the next level.

Would be a great idea to take clients and present our work on the digital table, right on their plates.

#SocialSwipe Great interactive donation billboard. Well executed.

The #SocialSwipe places a dual screen billboard at the centre of the equation, through the middle runs a credit card swipe reader, which instantly turns credit card donation swipes into synced video on the screens. It’s a cool way to get people to engage, to donate $2 to help people in need.